Trempealeau Municipal Utilities serves residents of the Village of Trempealeau Electric, Water and Sewer. Also, some outlying residents Electric Service.

To Apply for service you may use the application below:

Download TMU Application for Service

Your rights and responsibilities as a TMU customer may be found here:

Your Rates as a Residential Electric Utility Customer

Your Rights as a Residential Water Customer

Tampering Ordinance

Billing is monthly and one bill is issued for all services provided to each customer. Bills are issued on 15th of each month and due 20 days later.  Fixed charges are charged from the 15th to 15th. Meters are read at the end of the month and use is charged from 1st of month to month end.

Our Rate Schedule may be found at the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin website.    TMU Tarriffs

TMU Staff

Electric Superintendant: Kim Ganz 608-386-3731  [email protected]

Electric Lineman:              Marc Mades 608-769-7389  [email protected]

Water/Sewer Superintendant: Todd Lakey 608-792-1735   [email protected] 

Water/Sewer/Streets Assistant: Paul Schindler 608-792-1972                                                                                                                          


Utility Clerk: Dawn Schaller 608-534-6434                                                                    [email protected]

Clerk Treasurer: Kathy Peterson 608-534-6434     [email protected]                                                                                                     

Deputy Clerk Treasurer: Jordan Jones 608-534-6434 [email protected]