Snow Etiquette Reminder – February 4, 2021

**Reminder To All Residents**
As the snow continues to fall the Trempealeau Police Department would like to remind all citizens of the Village of a few legal points while shoveling and plowing your driveways and side walks. Under Wisconsin state statute 346.94(5) it is illegal to push or blow snow from your driveway, sidewalk, or yard into the street. This means that you should not be plowing snow across the roadway into the shoulder area. Additionally under no circumstances should a person be blowing snow with a snow blower from their driveway or sidewalk onto the street. Any of the above infractions not only pose a severe safety hazard to vehicles driving on the roadways but may result in fines. We all understand that there is often no where else to go with the snow, however we also know the grass WILL grow back.
Lastly please keep in mind Village of Trempealeau ordinance 468-26 (Winter Snow Emergency) which states that in the event of 1 1/2″ of snow or more it shall be illegal to park on any street or alley within the Village limits until the snow has been cleared.
Stay healthy and safe!! TPD

Message from the Chief of Police

On behalf of all the officers employed by the Trempealeau Police Department, I welcome you to our website.  It has truly been my pleasure to serve you as a police officer and ultimately the Chief of Police.  I take great pride in getting to know all the citizens of Trempealeau.  This website was created to provide relevant information to you whether you are a Trempealeau resident, a prospective applicant, or simply seeking information about our department through the Internet.  At this time, I also want to inform you that the Trempealeau Police Department also has a Facebook Page that also provides the most up to date relevant information regarding the Village of Trempealeau.

I strongly believe that the cornerstone of a successful police department is their relationship with the community.  Without your assistance, support and active involvement we can not make it happen.  For example, we rely on citizens to be our eyes and ears in helping us succeed in our mission statement.  When the citizens report crimes, suspicious behavior, disorderly activities, and any type of nuisances, they are making a direct impact on the overall quality of life and happiness within our Village.

We are proud that we are proactive in using innovative methods and technologies to provide the best law enforcement service possible to the citizens of Trempealeau.  Please read our mission statement and vision statement, which are two philosophies that the Trempealeau Police Department lives by.



We strive to be a dynamic, continuously improving

Organization devoted to service excellence in making our

community a safer and healthier place to live, work, and play.



The Trempealeau Police Department is committed to serving

the citizens of Trempealeau to the best of our ability and to

improve the quality of life for all within our community


Core Values

In fulfilling our mission, Officers will:

  • Enforce laws and serve our community with respect and fairness
  • Share responsibility with citizens for improving safety and the quality of life.
  • Create a high degree of customer satisfaction in performing our work.
  • Value diversity.
  • Recognize the individual talent, creativity, and contributions of all employees.
  • Always look for ways to improve ourselves and our services

Perform our work within the highest standards of integrity and honesty




24/7 DISPATCH 715-538-4351

OFFICE 608-534-6875

FAX: 608-534-5118


24455 Third Street

Trempealeau, WI 54661