Trempealeau Pool


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2023 Pool information will be posted early Spring – watch this space!     

The application window is now open for our 2023 season! We are looking to hire lifeguards, cashiers, and a new Pool Manager. Job descriptions are as follows:
Cashier: $7.25/hour
– Cashiers should have good people skills and are not required to be lifeguard certified.
Lifeguard without WSI: $11/hour
– Lifeguards must be 15 years or older and are responsible for obtaining a lifeguard certification before the pool opens on June 3. Lifeguard certification courses are offered by the YMCA, and spots often fill up quickly. To find lifeguard certification classes, go to…
– Lifeguard courses in the spring are also offered by Lisa Varnum, who can be contacted by phone or email at or 608-385-1720.
Lifeguard with WSI: $12/hour
– WSI (Water Safety Instructor) is an additional, optional certification for lifeguards 16 and older. Lifeguards with WSI certification will be able to lead-teach swimming lessons. WSI certification courses are also available on the YMCA website.
– WSI courses are also offered in the spring by Lisa Varnum. Her contact information is above.
Manager: $16/hour
– The manager will work directly with the Pool Director to manage pool schedules, assist in staff training, and help upkeep the maintenance of the pool. The Pool Manager must be lifeguard and WSI certified, and lifeguard experience is preferred.
The application window for Pool Manager closes on Tuesday, January 31, and the application window for lifeguards and cashiers closes on Tuesday, February 28. The employment application can be found on the Village of Trempealeau website at
Please email submitted applications and any questions to!