Snow Etiquette Reminders

**Reminder To All Residents**
As the snow continues to fall the Trempealeau Police Department would like to remind all citizens of the Village of a few legal points while shoveling and plowing your driveways and side walks. Under Wisconsin state statute 346.94(5) it is illegal to push or blow snow from your driveway, sidewalk, or yard into the street. This means that you should not be plowing snow across the roadway into the shoulder area. Additionally under no circumstances should a person be blowing snow with a snow blower from their driveway or sidewalk onto the street. Any of the above infractions not only pose a severe safety hazard to vehicles driving on the roadways but may result in fines. We all understand that there is often no where else to go with the snow, however we also know the grass WILL grow back.
Lastly please keep in mind Village of Trempealeau ordinance 468-26 (Winter Snow Emergency) which states that in the event of 1 1/2″ of snow or more it shall be illegal to park on any street or alley within the Village limits until the snow has been cleared.
Stay healthy and safe!! TPD
Also, if you experience damage to your mailbox  please follow the link below: