August 20, 2020

PSC of Wisconsin has ruled to extend the moratorium until October 1st. TMU will not disconnect anyone for non-payment of services before this date.

If you have a delinquent account it is very important for you to still continue to make payments and if you need to set up a repayment plan that you contact TMU immediately. Call 608-534-6434 to speak to a member of staff today!  TMU will be certifying delinquent amounts to the tax roll and pursuing collections through State Debt Service this fall. Any charges prior to September billing are subject to collection.

July 21, 2020  

PSC of Wisconsin has lifted the moratorium and delinquent notices were sent out July 15th. If you received a notice and need to set up repayment arrangements, please contact TMU as soon as possible to avoid any disruption in service.  If you send in a partial payment with no directions for future payment agreement, the Utility may still proceed with the disconnection process.  We would rather have a Deferred Payment Agreement in place before shut off notices are posted on July 24th for possible disconnection on July 27th.