Zoning Map

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Zoning Permits

Check back soon for more zoning permits. If you don’t see the permit you’re looking for, please call (608) 534-6434 or email info@trempealeauwi.com.

Solar Panel Permit Process

Solar Access Permit Steps (outlined from ordinance § 520-63)

  1. Informal Preapplication Meeting – Preliminary meeting with the plan commission prior to filing an application (Village Administrator will conduct these meetings in office or over the phone)
  2. Submit completed permit application along with application fee ($100)
  3. Plan Commission will review application within 30 days after it has been filed and paid for.
  4. If application is satisfactory the Plan Commission will provide notice forms to the applicant for service and signing
  5. Applicant delivers by certified mail or by hand to the owner of any property which the applicant proposed to be restricted by the permit.
    1. Return to zoning official signed copy of receipt for every notice delivered
    2. 520-63 C(7)(a-e) details required content of the notice
  6. Within 30 days after receipt of the notice any person who received notice may request a hearing. Village Board may determine a hearing is needed even if no request has been made.
    1. Hearing shall be conducted within 90 days after the last notice was delivered.
    2. At least 30 days prior to the public hearing the board shall notify applicant and any person who has requested a hearing
    3. Prior to hearing the plan commission will submit an advisory recommendation to the board.
  7. The Board will grant or deny the permit based on conditions listed in the ordinance.

Required Documents

For systems 20 kW or less
For systems 20 kW to 15 MW

Floodplain Map

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